tubeskin thermocouple

Tubeskin Thermocouple

Thermometrics Corporation manufactures temperature sensors, radiant tubeskin thermocouples, petrochemical sensors and gasifer thermocouples for refining facilities around the world. Tube skin refinery thermocouples manufactured with superior metallurgy are used to measure the temperature of process such as Coker, Purge Gas Recovery, Primary Reformer, and Synthesis Converter systems. The size of the sensors are designed for each particular application by an engineer during construction or retrofit of a factory or process. The type of thermocouple sensor used is generally a Type K due to it's optimum temperature range and cost factors. Tube skin thermocouples unique design with expansion loops allows the thermocouple temperature sensor tip to move as the process vessel expands and contracts.


What are Coker Furnaces?

Coker Furnaces are used during the refining process of crude oil to manufacture gasoline. This
process involves high temperatures, virbation, corrosive atmospheres and a volatile environment.
This in turn creates a high risk to the environment, and a high cost if a process is lost or has to be
burned off.

What is Purge Gas Recovery?

In oder to achieve optimum conversion in a synthesis convertor, it is necessary to purge a certain
quanity of gas from synthesis loop to reduce inerts concentration in the loop. This purge gas
containg about 60% Hydrogen was fully utilised as primary reformer fuel. A cryogenic purge gas recovery unit is used to recover H2 from it which is recycled back convert it to Ammonia while the by-product tail gas from PGR unit is burnt as fuel in the primary reformer.

At times, extremely tall cylinder are constructed to perform purge gas recovery operations. Typically, thermocouples are installed to monitor inlet and outlet gas temperature of each bed of these cylinders.

What is a C02 Removal System?

In the modified system LT shift convertor effluent is colled in the condensate reboilers via heat exchange with CO2 Stripper water was condensate. Low pressure steam is generated and is utilized as motive steam for flash drum sjectors. The semilean solution is taken to a flash tank. The pressure is reduced in successive stage resulting in complete flashing of the steam water. A temperature drop of 121 °C to 111 °C is the result. The flashed stream is compressed by the motive stream in the ejectors & reintroduced in the stripper. This steam of flashed & motive steam is used to provide a portion of the required regeneration heat.

What is a Deep Hydrolyser?

Before incorportation of the scheme, the waste water containing about 4-5% of Ammonia & 0.3% of Urea is pumped by distillation tower feed pump to a waste water distillation column, where the ammonia stripper is off. The stripping vapours are regenerated by boiling the purified water in a re-boiler heated with steam. From the re-boiler the treated water was cooled and sent to battery limit. After incorporation of the hydrolyser the solution is preheated in a heat exchanger by means of solution coming from the hydrolyser itself. The hydrolysis heat is provided by HP steam. The solution leaving the hydrolyser after passing through the exchanger is sent to a distillation column. From the distillation column the water is cooled and then sent in the colling tower.

What is Energy Savings?

Accurate temperature measurement and a through analysis of operating conditions of a plant can improve efficiency and realize a cost savings in the hundreds if not millions of dollars yearly.

Burner Combustion Control

Boilers are often the principle steam or hot water generator system used in industrial plant or commercial heating applications. Burner combustion control generally includes one or a combination of the following methods:

  • Total Heat Control
  • Regulation of excess air
  • Burner Cross-Limiting

    Tubeskin thermocouple sensors are used to control advance warming of flue gases to provide a better heat transfer rate om boilers. This can result in substaintial saving on fuel.

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