Field Adjustable Temperature Sensor

Field adjustable temperature sensor


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Accurate, & Interchangeable Temperature Sensors are ideal for applications involving various sheath lengths that are best determined on site, rather than on an engineering drawing.The temperature sensor can be used with a variety of fittings and termination hardware and can be adjusted by almost anyone.

The Sheath Length Adjustment is made with a simple cutting tool. Then a grommet is used to eliminate burrs and sharp edges that come in contact with the wires inside the sheath.These temperature sensors are commonly used in a resistance temperature detector (RTD) configuration, but are also available as a thermocouple, thermistor, or semi conductor temperature sensor. Copywrite Dan Dods Thermometrics Corporation

RTD Specifications The sensor element is 100 ohm platinum with an accuracy of +/- 0.3°C at 0°C. and an alpha of .00385. The leadwires are 22 gage stranded nickel plated copper with fiberglass braid insulation, provided in a three wire configuration. Temperature range of –40°C to 400°C. field_adjustable

Sheath Length Adjustment
1) Adjust the tubing cutter for a slight degree of cutting action.
2) Pull the lead wires taunt.
3) Turn the tubing cutter around the sheath.
.....Do not cut fully through the sheath and use caution not to cut into the lead wires.
4) Bend the sheath back and forth until the sheath breaks off.
5) Use a small file to remove burrs from inside of the tubing.
6) Put the plastic grommet on the new end of the sheath.