insulated thermocouples

Ceramic Insulators

Thermocouple assemblies with ceramic insulators provide a cost effective solution to your application.

tubeskin Two Types Available for Delivery

  • Themocouple element, double bore ceramic, with a butt welded junction

  • Themocouple element, double bore ceramic, with twisted wire and a butt welded junction.


    Available Thermocouple Types:

  • Type K, J, T, E, R, S, B

    Insulation Types Available:

  • Oval, double bore (ODB)
  • Round, double bore (RDB)
  • Round, four bore (RFB)


    Wire Gauge:

  • 8 awg (.128")
  • 14 awg (.064")
  • 20 awg (.032")



    The minimum length for this configuration is 1.0". The maximum length is limited by the available means of transportation.

    Junction Type:

  • Butt welded juntion, (W) or
  • Twisted and welded junction (TW)

    ceramic insulated thermocouple