Application Assistance

Our sales engineers and cross trained and able to attend to all of our customer's special needs and requirements. By doing so, this means you'll speak with the same Sales Engineer every time and consequently, you can depend on getting sales assistance based on your needs. Our sales team, all with hands-on, in-house production experience and field application knowledge, can provide you with information about our products and their process applications, as well as help you select a standard or special product to solve your specific problem. They are your partners and your first link to the successful application and use of our products.

Northridge, California Headquarters

Tom Fishwick- Engineer (818) 886-3755, (x104),email:

Dan Dobbs- Calibration Technician (818) 886-3755 (x107),

Orwell, Vermont Office

Dave King- Engineer fax: (802) 948-2858,